Human Resources Director

Philipp's calling is to help people grow and reach their potential. He pursues this calling as HR Director in TWR to ensure that we have called, qualified and healthy staff in our ministry. 

Philipp joined TWR Europe in 2011 and is now leading the Europe & CAMENA Human Resources team. Before joining TWR, Philipp studied Business Administration in Germany. In 2019 he completed his M.A. at UK’s Redcliffe College with the focus on Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts. He is married to Christina and they have one daughter.

The earliest memories of TWR are the vivid and exciting stories of visiting TWR missionaries around the kitchen table when they were guests in the Rüsch’s home in Germany. But it took almost 20 years of knowing about TWR, and even working part-time at TWR’s German partner ERF Medien until Philipp started considering going into missions and joining TWR.