Vincent and Trina

After a long journey that led him to Canada for his studies, he came to know Christ personally. The idea of mission then resurfaced, but it wasn't at all clear to him how he could serve the Kingdom. When he heard about the possibility to serve as the administrative manager of a Christian radio station in Lyon, France, he felt that the Lord was calling him.

Trina grew up in Ontario in a Christian family. She taught high school French from 2004-2011. Her first experience with mission was a short-term mission trip to Haiti in 2008, which helped her to understand the need for French-speaking mission workers around the world and gave her a desire to serve God’s Kingdom using the French language.  

From the time she and Vincent were married in 2013, they felt a calling to serve as a couple, and now as a family, they serve at PHARE-FM Aux Portes du Dauphiné, which is part of the TWR network.

Vincent and Trina have two daughters, born in 2014 and 2015.