Media Training Specialist for TWR Europe

I’m thrilled to use creative media to tell the story of Jesus! This is a great challenge for me to coach and instruct colleagues and partners of TWR.

TWR creates training sessions that help media teams research their audience, develop, produce, edit and distribute thier media content. TWR provides foundational courses tailored for the people and situations where they are needed. 

I will certainly appreciate the variety of tasks involved in training people to share God’s Word via media!  Working with equipment and apps is something I have always enjoyed, but this work allows me to help many others use these for furthering God’s kingdom.

In March 2021, I joined the team of TWR Europe. For the time being, my wife (Dien) and I are actively involved creating our own group of supporters — partners that support this mission work! 

To be able to continue to do this work long term we need to have a reliable team behind us. We, Jurgen and Dien, do need both prayer partners and financial partners. Please show your interest by filling out this form.