Administrative Assistant

HyunJung Lee has been working part-time with TWR since May 2011 as an administrative assistant in the Europe Media Services Department.  HyunJung says that she is still learning a lot of things from all of her colleagues.  Her main responsibility is to distribute listener and airing reports to TWR’s sponsors. HyunJung also helps with the annual budgeting process.  She is currently raising support to work on a full-time basis. 

Originally from South Korea, HyunJung met her husband in Korea in 2002 while he was an exchange student in a Korean university.  HyunJung had the privilege of leading him to Christ and, after a four-year long-distance relationship, they were married in 2006. They now live very happily in the Netherlands.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for me to trust God fully during this time of support-raising. I want to experience God’s grace through this process!
  • Pray for my father's health. He is a farmer in Korea and has to work even though he is not healthy. Please pray that he can work not too hard with a thankful and happy mind.
  • Pray for my husband who will lead the Alpha course at our church in Voorthuizen, Netherlands starting 5 February for 10 weeks.