Lucas was born in Brazil, but lived most of his life in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He studied Media, History, and Business at Calvin College. He also studied French during a semester at Université Stendhal in Grenoble, France. While in college, Lucas left for Austria to do a refugee media research internship with TWR. This work combined his passions for sharing the Gospel, media, and international-ness! After graduating, Lucas knew he couldn't escape the call to come back...

In early 2016, he joined TWR Europe as Refugee Ministry Coordinator, working to speak Hope into the lives of refugees throughout Europe with encouragement and the Word of God. TWR's Refugee Bridge ministry reaches refugees on their smartphones through biblical and culturally relevant Arabic, Farsi, and Dari radio programs on the Love Europe app. This app contains all sorts of helpful information for refugees, including locations of refugee ministries/events and a media section where you can find TWR's radio programs. Lucas also writes a radio series that follows the life of a refugee in Europe, providing encouragement and spiritual nourishment to refugee listeners in the midst of their struggles.

Finally, he is responsable for TWR's Southern European Ministry (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece) as well. With his cultural background and knowledge of Portuguese, French, and Spanish, he has a heart for reaching people in this region of the world.

Lucas enjoys travelling, playing soccer, and watching Sci-Fi movies with friends. Since moving to Austria, he has been hard at work learning German. Viel Glück, Lucas!