Lucas and Miia

Miia is originally from Finland, but is used to working in a global environment. She has lived in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Greece, the United Arab Emirates, Austria, Cyprus, and Ireland! Miia also brings a business background--she has a Bachelor's in Business Administration from a university in Helsinki, Finland and a Master's in Executive Management from a university in Vienna, Austria. Besides her academic pursuits, she has worked for ethical clothing companies in Finland and Romania. Miia now gets to apply this background daily in her work as Women of Hope Coordinator for TWR Europe & CAMENA. This exciting work involves reaching women across Europe and CAMENA through media.

Miia is married to Lucas, who now conducts audience research for TWR as a consultant. This research is important in guiding strategic decisions for creating programs, choosing the best platforms, and promoting these programs. Ultimately, this allows TWR to reach more people in better ways. Lucas has a background in quantitative research and statistics. Miia and Lucas enjoy traveling, fitness/sports, hiking, and learning about all sorts of random things!