Jason & Adina

  Jason and Adina Helmholdt found TWR through an online search with the keyword missionary. God brought them on a journey bringing them closer to Him and leading them on an adventure with TWR.  Step by step they have been following His will as He has been preparing them and affirming their call to the mission field.  After meeting their financial needs through a 3-year process they pulled up their tent stakes and pounded them back in on the island of Bonaire!

   Jason, Adina and their four kids are serving with TWR on the island of Bonaire.  Jason is serving as the Business Administration Coordinator at the studio on the north end of the island while the south end holds the 400-foot towers broadcasting the hope of Christ to the Caribbean, Latin America & into South America!  He assists with communication between island government, local community and the impact TWR is having there.  Adina is defining her role as a supportive spouse and full-time mommy to their 11, 9, 8 and 6-year-old. Helping the kids become acclimated into the island life: a new school, making new friends, growing in the community and learning two new languages, Dutch & Papiamentu!

   While Jason & Adina have reached a financial support need to get them to Bonaire, the variables continuously change & needs remain. There is a need for individuals and/or churches to come alongside them with continued monthly support, financially and in prayer. If you are looking to be part of Kingdom movement as a “missionary sender” please consider joining them on this adventure! Click the donate button and join their team!! New experiences and exciting adventures are sure to be had with the Helmholdt family. Stay tuned as their journey continues.


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Prayers for our kids as they begin to go to school in Dutch.  Pray they make great friends.  Pray they pick up the language quickly and pray they are a light to the other kids and teachers in the school.

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