Jason & Adina

Jason and Adina Helmholdt found TWR through an online search with the keyword missionary. Over the next 6 months, God brought them on a journey bringing them closer to Him and leading them to TWR.  Step by step they have been following His will as He has been preparing them and affirming their call to the mission field.  

Jason, Adina and their four kids will be serving with TWR on the island of Bonaire.  Jason will be serving as the assistant manager at the broadcast facility.  Adina will be a supportive spouse and full time mommy to their 9, 7, 6 and 4-year-old. Helping the kids become acclimated into the island life; a new school, making new friends, growing in the community and learning a second language, Dutch!

Jason and Adina have raised 83% of their monthly support and are looking for individuals and churches who want to join them on this adventure with continued monthly support. They need to be at 100% before they can make the move to Bonaire. Click the donate button and join our team!! New experiences and exciting adventures are sure to be had with the Helmholdt family, stay tuned as their journey continues.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

Prayers for our kids as they begin to go to school in Dutch.  Pray they make great friends.  Pray they pick up the language quickly and pray they are a light to the other kids and teachers in the school.

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