David and Carol
LinguaDMS Software Specialist

The Butlers began their service with TWR in 1987 on Bonaire. They have also served in Cary, N.C.; Swaziland; Singapore; and Guam. Currently, they are serving in Cary. They left TWR in 1996 for further schooling and other ministry opportunities and returned in 2007.

Dave is currently working with the development and implementation of the multilanguage, digital-management system (called "LinguaDMS"), which is the digital "warehouse" that stores and distributes TWR's gospel content digitally across the world.

Dave says that what keeps him engaged in the work is to see Christ being proclaimed in greater ways through all kinds of media in a growing number of languages.

Dave's roles in the past have been chief transmitter engineer, director of operations, IT system administrator, station administrator, interim station manager and the director of ministry operations for Asia.

Carol has said her involement with TWR is like being “wood putty.” Wherever there is a hole that she can help fill, she fills it. As a result, Carol has performed a variety of duties over the years, such as English mail correspondent, receptionist coordinator, mission hostess, mailroom supporter, administrative assistant, regional newsletter editor and many other roles covering for those on furlough.

Dave and Carol have two married children, Paul and Beth, and five grandchildren.