Brandon has always had a passion for storytelling, be it through Christian musical theater, competitive speech and debate, or creative fiction writing. Stories have deeply touched his heart, taught him lifelong lessons, and been his companions through rough seas. They can also reach those resistant to the gospel. For some, walls go up at the mention of God—but stories can slip past those defenses and plant spiritual truths.

Simultaneously, Brandon also has a heart for ministry. At first, he didn’t know how those passions would intersect, but he found a perfect union between the two during a recent internship with TWR. He has been pursuing full-time service there ever since.

Brandon will be serving as a writer, editor, and content creator for the Marketing and Communications department in Cary, NC. He looks forward to using his writing talents to help TWR run smoothly, enable its gospel efforts, and create stories infused with truth to spread hope and healing around the world.

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