Allan and Theresa

Allan and Theresa sensed God's call to serve in foreign missions for several years, but it was during a global missionary conference in fall 2019 that they realized God definitely placed a call on their lives. They immediately began preparing to obey this call. As they searched for a sending agency, TWR was discovered and they caught Paul Freed's vision to blanket a country with the gospel message through radio and media.

Allan retired after a 36-year engineering career and desires to use that God-given experience to manage the maintenance program of the mechanical equipment at the West Africa Transmitting Station (WATS). As administrative assistant, Theresa will be using her background in human resources to support the station.

Prayer Letters

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Blog Post on New Wineskins Missionary Network Website

Allan and Theresa were contacted by Jenny Noyes, Executive Director, New Wineskins Missionary Network. She heard about us through a member of our prayer team. She asked us to write a blog to be put on the New Wineskins website. We happily agreed and sent an article to her. We posted it here so you can read it too!

Endorsement Letter

We are pleased to share with you an endorsement letter from Garth, Station Manager at the West African Transmitting Station (WATS). 

We are excited to serve in West Africa and are looking forward to being part of all that God is doing there. Thank you to all who have decided to partner with us. Your partnership with us is vital to the success of our ministry. We are deeply encouraged by you and pray that God blesses you beyond what you can think or imagine.   

Join us in praying for Garth and the team. From WATS, the Gospel reaches people living in hard-to-reach areas and lives are changed. Many feel abandoned if they are not able to listen to these broadcasts.