George and Kathy

George and Kathy Ross are both from New Hampshire. Both accepted Christ as their Savior as adults. They were introduced to TWR through the ministry of Paul Hatmacher. After God touched their hearts for missions, the Rosses applied for full time service with TWR. After completing their required deputation, the Rosses arrived on Guam in August 1990 to begin their service.

George served in building and antenna maintenance as well as control room operator, transmitter operator, and transmitter maintenance. In 1995, George established the monitor coordination department. In 1998, George became involved in frequency coordination, serving as the frequency coordination manager since 1999.  George also served as Station Director and a team engineer. 

Kathy served in the Bible correspondence department until it was moved to another location. She also served as receptionist and secretary for KTWG until it was transitioned to the current local ownership. She has also done secretarial work for the monitor coordination department. Kathy has also as mission hostess.

Currently, George and Kathy have relocated to the United States where George serves with the Media Services Department as a Media Account Executive.