Larry and Virginia

Larry has been serving with TWR since 1967. He married Virginia in 1969, and they served first in Bonaire, then served for 2 years in South Africa and 16 years in Swaziland, where all five of their sons were born. Larry was chief engineer for most of that time.

In 1990, the McGuires transferred to Elkhart to build 100,000-watt shortwave transmitters and work on many other projects.  Three of these transmitters are now in Swaziland, one in Guam and three in Australia.  In recent years they have assisted in Guam, Bonaire and Swaziland during times of engineering staff shortage.  Larry helped with the upgrade of the TWR Swaziland AM antenna system from 50,000 to 100,000 watts.  He also assisted with the project of upgrading the AM transmitter on Bonaire from 100,000 to 440,000 watts.  This transmitter went on the air in January 2018. More recently he helped obtain and modify electrical power panels for the 200,000- watt AM Oasis Project in West Africa and modify ten FM transmitters (seven 10,000 watt and three 5,000 watt) for service in Latin America.

All our sons are now married and we have 17 grandchildren.

Prayer Letters

Prayer Requests

Pray for more engineers for TWR transmitting sites, especially Swaziland.  Pray for the Lord's leading as we consider an invitation to help TWR Swaziland for a couple of months in 2020 during an anticipated shortage of engineers there.  [POSTPONED due to COVID-19]

Continue to pray for more listeners to 'find' and respond to the broadcasts from the now more powerful signal from TWR Bonaire.  We have the same request for other TWR transmitters broadcasting in over 300 languages at sites around the world.