Greg and Ingrid
IT Technician & Finance Manager

Greg joined TWR in 1995 after completing an Electronics Technician Program at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. He worked for many years as a studio technician in Bonaire, Slovakia and South Africa. In 2005, Greg and Ingrid were married in South Africa, and today they are the parents of two young children, Rebekah and Caleb.

Greg and Ingrid moved to Swaziland in December 2013. Greg has taken on the role of system administrator at the Swaziland Transmitter Station. He looks after all the servers, network and computer playout system for TWR Swaziland. Ingrid is the mission hostess for Swaziland. She looks after all the housing, accommodations and meals for visitors as well as the planning for staff events. She also helps out in the finance team on a part-time basis.

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