A not-so-ordinary opportunity for your not-so-typical missionary.

Many assume that working in missions means you need to have a seminary degree or medical training. But, embracing the Great Commission is a calling for every believer.

Are you passionate about using your gifts and talents to bring the gospel to the world? We are searching for Christians who have technical, creative or administrative skills and want to embark on a two to 12-month experience to build the kingdom of God.

This is the perfect opportunity if you are curious about career missions and are:

  • A young professional or recent graduate wanting to discover if missions is for you.
  • Or an experienced professional exploring missions as a career switch or second career.

So what does the Embark program entail?

The program ranges from two months to one year, so you would have enough time to become accustomed to the work environment and make valuable contributions without committing to career status.

The program is designed to get you on the mission field as quickly as possible, meaning that you would need to raise only enough support to cover your expenses.

Plus, if you decide that you love working with TWR, as an Embark participant, it would be easier for you to become a career missionary with us.

Find more answers to your questions in our FAQs or contact our mobilization team to start a conversation or complete our Interest Form to embark on this incredible journey.