Welcome, friends!

We are so thankful for your participation and support as we imagine the future of TWR Women of Hope/Project Hannah.

We hope this information will excite you about where the ministry is going and inspire you to get involved. Our new website isn't live yet, so make sure to sign up for an email annoucement when it is ready!

The future.

After twenty years of ministry, we are dreaming and praying about what God will do to grow TWR Women of Hope. Along with changing our name, we have adapted our vision statement to reflect what we already see God doing through the ministry.

To bring hope to women around the world and across generations by encouraging and equipping them to...






So, thank you.

We look forward to working with you to build up God's kingdom among women. You can keep up with the latest from TWR Women of Hope through email or on social media (@twrwomenofhope). And, we appreciate your continued prayers and support.