Suggested Donation: $100.00

House churches are forming across Cuba because Cubans are hungry for the Word of God. Years of atheism have challenged both Christians and seekers to earnestly desire the truth, and they depend on the Spanish programs of TWR for solid biblical teaching.

Our listeners have been calling for a clearer, stronger signal for years, and TWR has almost completed the Bonaire Transmitter Power Upgrade to answer that call.

After many months of upgrades and new construction at our Caribbean station on the island of Bonaire, we are preparing to install a 450,000-watt transmitter.

With it, we will reach farther and stronger with programs in Spanish and several other languages across not only the entire nation of Cuba but also large portions of Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil, and other countries of the Caribbean and Latin America.

TWR will produce more programs in Cuba to give our Cuban listeners the spiritual food they are hungry for. We will also have a strategic reach into some of the world's remaining unreached people groups of the Amazon region.

God’s provision through our generous donors has allowed us to come very close to meeting our goal of $3.8 million. Will you help us finish the task with a generous gift today?

You can give by phone at 844-WIN-CUBA (844-946-2822). Or if you prefer to give by mail, make your check payable to TWR and send to P.O. Box 8700, Cary, NC 27512. Write "Cuba" in the memo.

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