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TWR Country Focus: Nepal

I am 9 years old. All of my family members are Christians, and my parents are pastors in my village church. I use to be very proud and greedy. I didn’t obey my parents or respect the elderly. My experience in Sunday school was bad as I was always bullied. Since then, I refused to attend Sunday school. But God had a wonderful plan for me.

One day, a friend from Sunday school introduced me to the program Balbatika, and she encouraged me to listen to it. But I paid her no attention. However, about four months later, I met one of the TWR Nepal staff members, who motivated me to listen to the radio program, highlighting its advantages to me. At that very moment, I was touched by her words and started listening from that day onward.

I have no words to express my thankfulness to this program. It has helped me to understand God’s Word very easily, and now I know that Jesus is the only God who loves us. No matter what the situation is, he will never leave nor forsake us.

Nowadays, I am attending Sunday-school classes regularly. Moreover, I have learned to honor my parents and elders, and to be obedient. I am very happy now. My life has changed tremendously, and I am becoming the child of the Lord Jesus. Thank you, TWR, for such wonderful programs.

Did You Know?

When the devastating earthquake hit Nepal in mid-2015, TWR Nepal began broadcasting a trauma-counseling program from 15 FM stations. The team also visited more than 40 villages, distributing relief aid to the victims.