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TWR Country Focus: Zambia

TWR’s primary mission is to proclaim the gospel, but its holistic approach to ministry also includes a commitment to help build leadership skills in areas where such training is lacking.

Though much of the information provided over the airwaves or in digital format is geared toward church leaders and pastors, programs such as Tools for Wise Leadership also include lessons that help Christians play important roles in their wider communities. 

A listener in Zambia wrote TWR to comment on Tools for Wise Leadership, which is produced by the global ministry’s national partner in neighboring Zimbabwe and broadcast throughout much of the region.

The purpose of this letter is just to let you know my appreciation for what Trans World Radio Zimbabwe is doing through its wonderful programs, including Tools for Wise Leadership. This is a great program, which has always blessed me each time l listened to it.

My family has now fallen in love with the teachings of [the program’s former producer] as he gives us examples of good leadership in the Word of God. I have encouraged leaders at our local church to tune in Trans World Radio to hear Tools for Wise Leadership.

May our good God continue to expand the ministry of Trans World Radio so that the unreached will be reached and many great leaders will be born out of your teachings.


Did You Know?

You can listen to Tools for Wise Leadership on TWR360. The program is available in English along with each show’s transcript, downloadable as a PDF.