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TWR Country Focus: India
Since childhood I have been addicted to alcohol. Besides many bad habits and addictions, I used to worship several gods and performed several rituals, as I thought they were right. But despite my continual religious practices, my bad habits persisted, and I had never experienced pure love in my life.

I thought I would turn from my bad habits once I got married, but sadly it became even worse. I would beat and mistreat my wife and never took proper care of my family. My wife, however, despite all the suffering she was going through, found Christ and began praying for me regularly. She used to attend several prayer meetings and started listening to your radio program.

One day, my wife decided to share Christ with me through your radio program. She requested I sit with her and listen to God’s Word. She hoped and prayed that I would also come to the saving grace of God, but in anger, I threw the radio on to the floor and yelled at her. After that incident, a strange fear entered my life, but I ignored it and continued my life as usual, filled with drinking and hate.

One night, when I returned home, fully drunk and in a sense of incoherent rage, I took an iron rod, used for digging, and plunged it into the armpit of my sleeping wife.

It was only a few minutes later that I came to my senses and realized what harm I had caused her. I immediately took her to the hospital for treatment, and on that day, I decided to keep away from alcohol and all my evil ways.

As the days went by, I continued to keep away from alcohol, and one day, as I was tuning my radio, I started listening to your Koya-language radio program. The message was from Matthew 11:28, where Jesus Christ says,

“Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

This verse melted my heart, and I went on my knees, confessing my sins and asking Jesus to enter my life and be my Lord and master.

Since that day, I have become a regular listener of your program along with my wife, and we both pray and worship the Lord together. I praise God for this wonderful change he has brought in my life, and I earnestly request your prayers for my family.

Did You Know?
When personal contact is needed in addition to on-air messages, TWR India listeners can get in touch with one of 75 audience-relations centers to speak with someone about their addictions or other problems.