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Our producer recently met 19-year-old Camila after she recognized his voice from Ala’s Diary—a program for Middle Eastern youth. Their paths crossed at a youth camp in the Middle East where Camila bravely shared her story.

She was brutally raped by her older brother, but didn’t dare confide in anyone about it. Hopelessness filled her life, and she felt totally alone. Eventually, she contemplated suicide simply to escape the weight of a secret that seemed to choke her.

During this time, she happened to tune in to a radio station broadcasting the Ala’s Diary program. At the end of the episode, the host explained how Jesus lifts our burdens and guides us through difficult situations.

When Camila heard this, she fell on her knees and asked Jesus to take away her pain, sin, and the feelings of being filthy and stained. In that moment, she knew something was at work in her aching heart.

The hopeful messages of Ala’s Diary have helped Camila through her healing process, and she now loves to tell others about this life-changing program.

Did you know? The Arab World includes 22 countries including Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. The region is home to an estimated 315 million people. Amid the ongoing unrests, our broadcasts continue to deliver spiritual programming to the region. Four hours of Arabic programs (both a local version and a classical Arabic) air uninterrupted daily on MW/AM.