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TWR Region Focus: North Africa

Hello friends of our Lord Jesus!

We give thanks to God our Father who continues to inspire the Kabyle people when they listen to His holy Word. Truly the word of Jesus Christ has changed the face of our country in North Africa in a good way. We are thankful that we now can talk more openly about Jesus. I am excited to share with you that Jesus delivered our neighbor’s family. They were released from the bondage of their local religion, and they gave their lives to Jesus Christ. It all happened during the time of their annual religious holiday. They know that we are Christians, and that we do not observe that religious practice. At the end of this religious holiday during the final festival, they invited us to their homes for a celebratory evening dinner. Through this unexpected invitation we quickly understood that their purpose in inviting us, was to know why we had abandoned the local religion to follow the Messiah. It was a good opportunity for us to explain the true nature of Jesus the Messiah.

After dinner, one of the men in the room, who was also a religious leader, spoke to us jokingly, saying: "Now tell me, why have you returned to your old jacket?” Basically he was asking us why we decided to switch paths and serve a new God. At the words “returning to an old jacket” everyone laughed. However, my brother answered and said: "Let me explain why we have returned to the 'old jacket'. In the past it was carried inside out [or upside down]. Therefore we decided to wear it properly this time around!" The religious leader listened and then agreed that it is true what we said. He said the way of the Messiah has all the benefits. It brings peace, and it is devoid of all evil. At this point, we all said "Amen" and bent our heads in prayer at the name of the Lord Jesus.

Towards the end, the religious leader and all the members of his family solemnly committed their lives to Christ. They all felt an overwhelming peace come over them, which came from the one true God. After that, my brother preached from the Word of Jesus, and showed them how to find the TWR website ( The religious leader and his family said that they recognized the pure truth of God in the gospel of Christ!

All the glory goes to Jesus our Savior. Please continue to send us this living water, which is Christ's Word. There is a great thirst for it in our country. Remain in the peace of the Lord.

In Christ,

Your sister in North Africa

Radio is crucial in reaching many North Africans with the gospel. TWR desires to respond to the growing need of making disciples. TWR began airing broadcasts into North Africa in 1965. Today, a powerful medium wave transmitter broadcasts into North Africa; the number of programs are gradually increasing in North African Arab, Berber and other languages.