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TWR Country Focus: North Korea

Because they are so rare, messages from listeners in North Korea serve as great encouragement for the TWR Korea ministry team.

TWR’s national partner based in South Korea reaches out to the north, sometimes referred to as “the hermit kingdom” because of its reclusiveness on the world stage, with programs such as Gospel Train for Children and Let’s Talk About Something. News reports say North Koreans are not allowed to listen to foreign broadcasts, and radios are fix-tuned to government stations.  

I have no words to express our gratitude after receiving these precious and warm, loving supports from you. We pray that faith, hope and love will be with all the brothers and sisters around the world.

We are filled with joy, and it feels as if you are close by whenever we receive these precious supports and when we listen to your voice on the radio.

Did You Know?

TWR Korea, TWR’s national partner based in South Korea, has been ministering to the people of North Korea over the radio for 20 years.