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Every time we have a chance to listen to the TTB (Thru the Bible) program we all rejoice. My family and I are so thankful for the possibility to hear the Bible explained so clearly on the radio. We pray that the Holy Spirit will use this ministry to search the hearts of many, and we pray for all of you who are involved in order to make this ministry possible. 

This program is very special to me, because through it I discovered the truth of the Bible. It has been a mighty tool used by God to draw my family and me closer to Him. One of the most important things I have learned from this program is that we should be of service to God rather than man, and that when he wants to do something, nothing can stop Him. I really appreciate the sound teachings that are aired on the TTB program. It has taught me many things I did not know about the book of Revelations as well. I am so thankful to God the Father for this ministry and for the people He uses there.

May God bless you!


Andrei from Bacau County, Eastern Romania 

Did you know? TWR Romania started producing programs in 1992 and received its license in 1998. Programs are produced in the Romanian language and in Romani-Kalderash, a Roma (Gypsy) dialect. These programs are broadcast for seven hours per week. Thru the Bible is broadcast on 38 stations throughout the country and Moldova Republic. TWR Romania has three board members and four staff.