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From our listener in Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal:

“I have been your listener for about two years now. Finally I have decided to contact you in order to say thank you. One day, as I was driving my car, I tuned the local FM station and by chance it was airing The Sound of the Book (Portuguese TTB). I listened to it and I really enjoyed the program. Since that day my life has changed. I decided to look for a church, where I then got baptized. I now have a solid faith in God. The sermons of the priest at the local church never resonated much with me, but your programs have enriched my life with the word of God. Today my sister is also going to church and will be baptized soon. My mother decided to start attending church as well. Together we all listen to The Sound of the Book and Women of Hope, and you cannot imagine how many people we have spoken to about your programs. May God bless you.” 

From our listener in Santiago do Cacém, Portugal: 

“I am a listener of your programs The Sound of the Book (Portuguese TTB) and Women of Hope. In my village, many people listen to these programs and they all love them. Both programs are a real blessing to our lives. I often feel that Paulo Chaveiro is speaking to me directly by the way he presents the Bible and all the topics. I have a daughter who lives in Luxembourg and she also listens to your programs via the Internet. May God bless you richly.” 

Did you know? Founded in 2002, TWR’s local partner organization, Rádio Trans Mundial de Portugal (RTM), currently employs three staff and many volunteers. They produce and air programs on FM and via web radio. Two programs are broadcast throughout the country, mostly on secular, commercial FM stations. All other programs can be heard on the web radio.