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"I used to be an unbelieving person and my marriage fell apart. I had to move to a different village, where I found work in a kindergarten. Along with this job I also received a flat where I could live. At that time an uncle of mine prayed for me that I would open my heart to God, and He performed a miracle in my heart. I repented of my sins. Praise God!

But immediately, difficulties started. The devil attacked me. It became known in the village that I was now a believer. Everyone turned against me, and I lost my flat and my job. So I worked where I could: in fields, vineyards, etc. I lived in a hostel in very bad conditions, with not very good people.

I went for fellowship with believers in the neighboring village because there was no church in mine. One day I rode on the bus, and I cried a lot. I did not know what to do. I had no decent job and no accommodation. What should I do? Where should I go? So I prayed and told God what was inside my soul. And God spoke into my heart: ‘My daughter, do not worry. I will give you joy and a place to live.’

And soon it happened. I was offered a job in a hospital, and then I looked after an elderly lady and she signed her house over to me. Then God gave me a husband who used to be your listener and often wrote you letters. He is already with the Lord now, and I decided to write to you so you would know how good God is and how He led me by His mercy. Thank you for your programs and the magazine ‘Antenna’.”

From Aleksandra in Odessa, Ukraine

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe. The population is estimated at 46 million and the official language is Ukrainian. Russian is also widely used, particularly in the cities. TWR has been preparing radio programs in the Ukrainian language since 1962. Today there are two recording studios in Ukraine where national coworkers produce the programs.