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“In one of your programs, You are Mine!, you said something similar to the fact that God works through the stories of people with handicaps to speak to the healthy ones. And that is what is happening to me.

I am a great pessimist. I often worry, lose trust, and give up. But God uses your programs to show me how he sees me. I have worked in a coal mine for 37 years under hard conditions, and there have been consequences. I will be 55. Retirement is still another 10 years away, and I wonder what will happen to me then. I am alone—no family, no children. What kind of future is waiting for me?

But even in the doubts and worries, your programs bring me hope. The testimonies along with your loving and empathetic words are an ointment for my soul. That is why I love your programs. They make me feel like I have a family. You are there speaking, I am here listening, and the people who talk about their stories all gives me a feeling of family oneness, understanding, and love."

—Czech listener

You are Mine! is broadcast from Ukraine and features the testimonies of individuals whose faith has been strengthened through hardship, particularly those with physical handicaps. It ministers to a large population with disabilities and remains a precious voice of encouragement to those in pain.