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TWR Country Focus: Ivory Coast
This response from a TWR listener in Ivory Coast persuasively makes the case not only for learning from one’s mistakes but also for seeking out biblical guidance to avoid those mistakes in the first place. 

Recently I got involved in a relationship with a young man. I loved him, and he said he loved me, too. We had made plans; we planned on moving in together. As a matter of fact, we were engaged. We had planned on saving some money for our wedding.
He even sent his relatives to my parents to pay dowry, as is required in our tradition. In our tradition, the dowry is a way to prove one’s sincerity and determination for the marriage. Of all the time we had been in a relationship, we abstained [from sex]. I was told to sleep with him, seeing that we were already engaged, and so I did. After some time, I became pregnant and gave birth to a beautiful boy.
After giving birth to our son, my troubles began. [My fiance] no longer spoke about marriage with me. I realized that I had made a big mistake by being intimate with him. In the end, he left me and married another woman.
If I had known earlier about the TWR program, I would not have made the same mistake. I am a regular listener now, and I get educated by programs about HIV/AIDS. I decided to practice secondary abstinence. I am not going to be sexually active until I get married.
Thank you for all the advice you give us on your programs. May God keep you and protect you.

Did You Know?
In many countries women face a significant threat of violence and abuse and are often at higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. TWR’s programs minister to women and offer love and hope through Jesus Christ.