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We are incredibly grateful to receive stories like this one that remind us of the power of radio ministry. The Word is being proclaimed in places where we can't always physically go to individuals we may never have the opportunity to meet! Yet God knows every need . . .

"Dear brothers and sisters, I will try to summarize my thoughts, though it is not easy to write everything. Especially when I owe my life to you.

The fact is that your programs saved me when I had decided to take my life by suicide.

I was arrested in July 1999 at the Hungarian-Austrian border, where I was then taken to Germany. I do not want to write the reasons why, since the allegations against me were found to be untrue, and I do not want you to have any prejudice against me.

I suffered so much in prison; being far away from my homeland and my parents, and living among strange people whose language was foreign to me. They threw me into a cell without any light. And of course, I was alone. I spent six months there. Everyone shouted at me. Everyone wanted me condemned. I had no idea what to do.

In those painful times, I was given a tiny radio receiver. One Sunday night, I wanted some peace from the suffering and to get far away from those people. I started searching for programs around 8 PM when all of a sudden, some Hungarian words hit my ears. I fine-tuned to the wavelength and found your message on the air. I almost jumped with joy. But sorrowfully the program soon ended.

The next day, I was ready and waiting for the broadcast. In fact, I spent the whole day trying to catch the program even before it began airing in the evening hours. Every day after that, I counted the hours like a child until the program came on.

Praise God my decision to commit suicide grew weaker and weaker as time passed. I had avoided God and Jesus for two years, like many young people nowadays. They are interested in other things and are not keen to know more about topics like faith.

I am sure if I hadn’t come to this particular cell, I would never have been enlightened. I have been listening to your programs with full attention, and they have helped me understand things I never would have thought of before. I learned that Jesus, God and the Bible stories are not fairy tales.

I feel that Jesus has held my hands and given me strength to endure the dreadful times in my life. Since that night, not one day has passed without listening your programs. May God bless you all abundantly."

– Sz. K., Germany