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We love hearing how our listeners discover TWR radio programming and what it means in their lives! Václav is one of many from the Czech Republic who relies on the daily nourishment of programs like Thru The Bible. 

Hello. I would like to thank you for programs you are producing for us. I [came] across Radio7 (TWR-CZ) last summer “accidentally,” and it has been my favorite content since. The programs are so good and educational that I can hardly listen while working. I would find myself not working, totally caught by the message. That is why I am using your archive and listen afterwards. I find the TTB (Thru The Bible) programs very beneficial thanks to much background information and explanation. The recent reading has changed my view of the Old Testament. I do not go to any church—this program is [a great help] to me. I consider the form very helpful for all seekers. May God bless you in your work and lives.

- Václav, Czech Republic