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TWR Country Focus: Thailand

When a statistic about suicide rates in a Thailand province weighed heavy on his heart, this man took to the airwaves to try to do something about it.

Here’s his story:

In the past, I heard that a nearby province had the highest percentage of people committing suicide for two years in a row. I wondered why this small province, which has kind and friendly people with good concern for others and not much pressure, should have so many people committing suicide.

So I began to think of a way to present the good news to these people. Then God reminded me of the radio. Yes! The radio will enable more people to know the Lord.

I started to buy secondhand equipment and began to talk about God and to play music for them. But it still wasn’t good enough.

I prayed that God would help because I did not have an adequate budget. One day the leaders of the village came to help and gave me good equipment. They advised me on how to set up so the station could to be officially certified by the government, and they helped me until everything was accomplished. Thank the Lord!

Then I asked for programs from the TWR team. I began broadcasting TWR programs, and I preach every night. Many listeners began attending church. Now, more than 40 people who listened to the radio program attend our church regularly.

Praise the Lord that two women who wanted to kill themselves repented when they heard the Women of Hope programs. They came to our church and asked to receive Christ!

One lady told me that she was desperate and blind. Her husband was an alcoholic and beat her every night. Her mind and body were full of pain, and she couldn’t sleep. She thought of committing suicide, but her children were small. One day she listened to the radio and heard our programs. She made the decision to come to our church. She has since been baptized. Thank you, Lord!

Did You Know?

In Thailand, TWR partners with Every Home for Christ Thailand (EHCT), which does on-the-ground evangelism.