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Country Focus: Romania

Finding a partnership that is more tightly knit and productive than the one bonding TWR with Thru the Bible would be difficult – if not impossible.

The two media ministries have been cooperating more than four decades, with TWR translating and producing broadcasts of Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s Bible-teaching program in more than 100 languages. This in-depth study of the entire Bible has made a difference in lives across the planet, just as it did in the life of this Romanian listener. 

I have great news! My daughter and my son-in-law have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. I have given them a lot of information about the Bible. All of it is from the Thru the Bible series.

Now both of them have decided to be baptized. I am very glad and thankful to our Lord for the way he worked in my family.

Also I am thankful for Thru the Bible’s ministry in Romania. Because I am retired, I can go to different rural churches in my area to encourage them and motivate them to Bible study. Many people ask me how I got the historical and theological information I know. I learned all that I know from listening to Thru the Bible.

I have very poor vision, so it is very hard for me to read. I share with them about this program and encourage them to listen or ask [TWR] for CDs or DVDs. Thank you very much for this ministry! God bless you!

Facts About Romania

·     The Orthodox Church dominates the religious sphere, but there is growing evangelical movement, and many consider Romania one of the more spiritually receptive countries in Europe.

·     TWR Romania started producing programs in 1992 and received its license in 1998. Today it produces programs in Romanian and Romani-Kalderash, a Roma (also known as Gypsy) dialect.

Operation World, 7th Edition, was used in the preparation of this country report.