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TWR Regional Focus: North Africa
Wonderful news of responsiveness to the gospel occasionally emerges from the countries along the top of Africa – Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt. 

Apart from Egypt, all of this region falls squarely within the Joshua Project’s “least-reached” peoples classification. But TWR and other ministries reaching out to this area have at times witnessed a surprising openness to God’s Word, as the listener below recounted. 

You encourage us greatly with your broadcasts. Now we are convinced that the true god is God the Father, not the god of the religion of this country who is just a deity among the multitudes of deities. We give thanks and glory to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, for it was through him that this revelation of the real person of God the Father was manifested. 

Listen to this: When I said these things to the religious leader of our village, he agreed with me. This is a very nice man who is open to discussion. He told me, “I believe you Christians are in the light. We, the followers of the religion of this country, we are in darkness."

I said; "Why, then, don't you come into the light of Christ?" He told me, "My mind has already come [to the light]; only my body remains outside.”

I am confident this religious leader will soon come to Christ in body, mind and spirit because he listens to a lot of your radio broadcasts. He is a man aged 73, and he became my friend. I pray he will soon belong to Christ. He is a very friendly man, and many will follow the path of Christ after him.

Facts About the Kabyle Berbers*: 

  • The main population of Kabyle people lives in Algeria, though a substantial number have immigrated to France. 
  • The Kabyle account for the largest part of the thrilling growth in evangelical Christianity in this area during the past decade. Welcome unity is evident among the Christian community, which includes foreigners, Arabs and Berbers, of which the Kabyle are a subgroup. 
  • TWR broadcasts programs such as Thru the Bible, Foundations of Family and Women of Hope weekly in the Kabyle language. 

* Based on information from Operation World, 7th Edition, and Wikipedia