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TWR Region Focus: North Africa

We recently received a phone call from a woman who shared a lovely dream she had about her mother who had been a faithful listener to our programs.

A while ago, this woman’s mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Even the specialist doctors said there was nothing to be done. The cancer spread quickly, and sadly, she died soon after the initial diagnosis.

Understandably her daughter was distraught. She could not understand why her mother needed to die. She prayed to God even though she was not sure he even existed (her mother was a believer, but she was not). She begged God to show her where her mother went. Did she even still exist?

The following night she saw a beautiful vision or dream. She felt like she was pulled up toward a huge bright light; it was not even comprehensible how bright this light was. Magnificent gates appeared, but as she approached them, the guards told her it was not her time to enter. Even so, she was able to look past the gates and observe what looked like translucent people. Then much to her surprise, she saw her mother! She asked her mother if she needed anything. She responded saying: “I have everything I need here. I have Jesus.”

Obviously our dear sister wanted to stay at this beautiful place—a place of peace and without any pain or suffering. A place beyond description. However, she was told that it was not her time and that she needed to go back. And at that, she woke up feeling incredibly comforted. God answered her prayers.

She now has faith in Jesus and the same hope her mother had. She also listens to our programs now and wanted to tell us this testimony to encourage us to continue the good work.