Job Type

Missionary Staff



Length of Service

  • Short-term (3-12 mo.)
  • Long-term (1+ years)
  • Full Time

Good content starts with good writing. Use your writing talent to make a difference for Christ around the world! Work with our content teams to develop ideas and create scripts that are voiced, produced, and distributed internationally. Pre-evangelism, evangelism, and clear Christian messaging are all part of our content strategy, and you can be involved in scripting imaging pieces, short features, and longer programs. Your work will be used on digital and radio platforms to advance the gospel.  Talk to us!

Locations: North Carolina, USA, Johannesburg, South Africa, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean, or Singapore. (The subject matter involved is global and work is not limited to the location where you serve).

PLEASE NOTE: This position is a supported/sponsored missionary role (not a direct-hire job), so the future employee must develop a team of partners who provide financially for his/her full salary and benefits. We provide training, resources, and coaching to help missionaries reach their financial support goals.

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