Job Type



United States of America

Length of Service

  • Internship (2-3 months)

Leverage your internship for the sake of the Gospel!  Technology today allows us to reach anyone, anywhere with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Put to use what you're learning in school in a fascinating internship, seeking to evaluate the current reach of our digital media platforms.  The goal is to increase traffic on those platforms.  One way you'll be involved is with our team, looking for ways to improve our current Search Engine Optimization tools.  Join us and add experience with an international, cutting-edge media organization to your resume!

Note: This is a general job description and is subject to change depending on skill sets and/or project/department needs. 

See for an overview of the internship program. All TWR interns develop a team of partners from churches, friends, and family, who support you in prayer and provide financially for your stipend and expenses. We provide training, resources, and coaching to assist you in this process.

Application Deadline - March 1st 

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