Job Type




Length of Service

  • Short-term (3-12 mo.)
  • Internship (2-3 months)

As a media organization TWR needs a solid understanding of the environment and trends that we operate in. The intern will be involved in research projects in order to better understand TWR's audiences (for example: trends in media consumption in certain countries, future technologies for media ministry) and be expected to present reliable and condensed data that will support decision making in our media strategy. Example: TWR's Refugee Media Ministry - the intern will help to further develop this ministry by actively contributing to it. The intern will also be involved in our current strategy development process as an organization and help in its implementation.  In addition, s/he will assist Dirk Müller in day-to-day tasks and his responsibility to oversee TWR's ministry in the European region and in administrative tasks such as communication with stakeholders, organizing meetings, carrying out surveys, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: You can do this role as a volunteer (where you cover all you own expenses and NOT for college credit) with only two months lead time or as a missionary intern (where you raise funds to cover your stipend and expenses and FOR college credit) with a minimum of FIVE months lead time. As a missionary intern, the applicant, after being accepted, must, with TWR's assistance, develop a team of partners that will provide financially for your stipend and expenses and support you in prayer. TWR provides training resources, materials, on-line donation links, response slips, prayer letter templates and prayer for ministry partnership development.