Job Type




Length of Service

  • Internship (2-3 months)

Perform engineering duties in planning and designing mechanically functioning equipment and oversee installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment. Could include the following:
- Plan and coordinate activities to remove unused antennas from several towers
- Inspect and evaluate the mechanical integrity of tower support components
- Prepare a written report on the outcome of the tower inspection which will include findings and recommendations
- Analyze methods on how to incorporate the use of an infra-red temperature gun to check the condition of motor-bearings
- Verify the integrity of high-powered connection joints
- Design and develop a motor-bearing test program that can be utilized on a regular basis
- Compile a list of components and that are to be used in the compilation of a tower-kit
- Oversee the dismantling of certain tower sections to be used in tower-kits

PLEASE NOTE: You can do this role as a volunteer (where you cover all you own expenses and NOT for college credit) with only two months lead time or as a missionary intern (where you raise funds to cover your stipend and expenses and FOR college credit) with a minimum of FIVE months lead time. As a missionary intern, the applicant, after being accepted, must, with TWR's assistance, develop a team of partners that will provide financially for your stipend and expenses and support you in prayer. TWR provides training resources, materials, on-line donation links, response slips, prayer letter templates and prayer for ministry partnership development.

If you are an EU resident or citizen, please do not complete the Interest Profile but contact us at [email protected] to apply.