Job Type

Missionary Staff


Cary, NC
United States of America

Length of Service

  • Career (3+ yrs)

Plans, strategizes, creates and designs various TWR-related print and electronically based projects, including business cards, note cards, postcards and event invitations.  Selects photos for various usages, design newsletters, magazines, brochures, and other collateral pieces.  Online work includes the design of microsites, online landing pages, Web banners, and email newsletters.  Assists in designing large displays for use at various events.

PLEASE NOTE: This position is a missionary role (not a direct hire) so the applicant, after being accepted, must, with TWR's assistance, develop a team of partners that will provide financially for your full salary and benefits and support you in prayer. TWR provides training, resources, materials, a personalized fund-raising video, on-line donation links, response slips or prayer cards, newsletter templates and regular coaching and prayer for ministry partnership development.