Job Type

Missionary Staff



Length of Service

  • Career (3+ yrs)
  • Mid-term (1-3 yrs)

To work on fund development opportunities with our partners, Christian organizations and other TWR regions in order to actively raise funds so that the vision and goals of the region are realized.

Duties include:

  • Build and maintain relationships with high-end donors
  • Be active in fundraising for the TWR Europe and CAMENA ministry
  • Regularly monitor and analyze behavior, attitudes, and requirements of sponsors, donors, cooperating media ministries, and the supporting constituencies of our European Partner organizations
  • Explore new avenues of ministry funding like grants, direct approaches of European foundations, etc.
  • Support other TWR regions in their fundraising efforts for European ministries and projects¬†
  • "Package" ministries, initiatives, and projects in ways that they are attractive to sponsors, donors, media partners, and the supporting constituencies of European partners so that the donors have the feeling of ownership of the projects, in consultation with the Ministry Directors
  • Develop and maintain the donor database

PLEASE NOTE: This position is a missionary role (not a direct hire) so the applicant, after being accepted, must, with TWR's assistance, develop a team of partners that will provide financially for your full salary and benefits and support you in prayer. TWR provides training, resources, materials, a personalized fund-raising video, online donation links, response slips or prayer cards, newsletter templates and regular coaching and prayer for ministry partnership development.