Job Type

Missionary Staff


Cary, NC
United States of America

Length of Service

  • Career (3+ yrs)
  • Mid-term (1-3 yrs)
  • Full Time
  • Part Time

The Donor Systems Specialist will be responsible for the technical maintenance and customization of the TWR donor systems (Studio Online, Studio Enterprise, IDA, etc.) supporting donor system users, along with IS team members, to manage donor system codes, mailings, and the development of system specific internal procedures. This role is critical to providing TWR donor services and the stewardship team with the tools that they need to carry out the ministry of TWR.

Duties would include:

•    Become proficient in TWR's primary donation management tools (Studio Online, Studio Enterprise, IDA, etc.) understanding various systems' data structures and relationships.
•    Once proficient, can maintain and customize Studio Online, Studio Enterprise, IDA.
•    Coordinate, manage and create best practices for all donor mailings working with the IS Director of Data Management to verify the accuracy of the mailing list.
•    Develop and manage mailing lists from Donor Services Data to satisfy customer mailing needs.
•    Create, document and maintain repeatable test cases and testing procedures for all new releases of donation management tools.
•    Conduct all testing for new releases of donation management tools.
•    Create, document and maintain internal procedures for our donation management 

Experience required in:

•    Experience in managing and customizing complex off-the-shelf donation support systems
•    Experience in developing system test procedures
•    Experience in developing system based internal procedures
•    Some knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server a plus
•    Some knowledge of TWR donor systems' a plus
•    Project Management experience a plus

PLEASE NOTE: This position is a missionary role (not a salaried job) and the applicant, after being accepted, must, with TWR's assistance, develop a team of partners that will provide financially for your full salary and benefits and support you in prayer. TWR provides training, resources, materials, a personalized fund-raising video, online donation links, response slips or prayer cards, newsletter templates and regular coaching and prayer for ministry partnership development.