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Missionary Staff

God has gifted you! Is it working with numbers or people, a head for business, IT or technical capabilities, engineering, graphic design, or journalism? Using any of these skills, God can reach people globally through you, with the Good News of His saving grace. If you’ve ever wondered how you can be a part of advancing His Kingdom here on earth, talk to us.

Use the filter at the right to find a role that fits you, and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. Fill in an Interest Profile so we can get to know you better. Even if you can’t find a role that fits you, go ahead and submit an Interest Profile and we can talk about that too!

Please note that once your application is approved and you are appointed as a missionary, you will need to develop a team of partners who provide financially for your full salary and benefits. We provide training, resources, and coaching to help you reach your financial support goals.

(No agencies, please.)

Administrative Assistant Women of Hope

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years),  Part Time Europe / CAMENA

Consider putting your administrative skills to use, fulfilling your passion to bring hope in Jesus to women all over the world! TWR’s Women of...

Bilingual Media Services Specialist (English/Spanish)

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years),  Full Time,  Part Time United States of America

Have you been feeling God’s call to the nations, but wondering how your skills can help? Use your love for broadcast production and editing to...

Broadcast Presenter

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) South Africa

Are you a vibrant on-air personality? Would you like to use those God-given gifts to present the Gospel in a winning way to your audience? We need...

Church Partnership Representative

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) United States of America

Do you have a passion to see churches in the U.S. enrich their calling to missions? Are you a person with gifts in networking, good listening, and...

Communications Short-Term Missionary (Embark)

Missionary Staff Short-term (3-12 mo.) Various

Are you gifted in the area of communciations? Do you love marketing, social media, and writing? If you're looking to put those skills to use for the...

Data/Business Analyst

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Singapore

Are you an insightful analyst who would love to use your God-given gifts and experience to further His Kingdom here on earth? Are you passionate...

Digital Media Content Coordinator

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Slovakia

Are you passionate about building relationships and telling stories on social media? Do you thrive in a fast-paced, highly creative environment? If...

Digital Media Ministry Specialist

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Japan

Has the Lord given you eyes to see how digital media can be used to reach Japanese youth and adults with the Good News only Jesus can bring? If you...

FM Radio Network Developer for Africa

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) (Any Country)

Does your heart yearn to see the people of Africa given the hope of Jesus? TWR is using FM networks all over the continent to shine His light into...

Graphic Designer

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) United States of America

Bring your graphic design skills to the mission field! Would you like to be part of making God famous around the world using mass media? Can you...

Marketing Video Producer

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) United States of America

Do you live and breathe visual media as a creative thinker and storyteller? Do you desire to use visual media to bring people together around a...

Media Assistant for Central Asia Ministries

Missionary Staff Short-term (3-12 mo.),  Long-term (1+ years) Germany

Are you a natural networker with a heart to get the Gospel into Central Asia? If you get excited about how digital media can reach people with the...

Member Care Media Coordinator and Producer

Missionary Staff Short-term (3-12 mo.),  Long-term (1+ years) Various

Would you like to be involved in caring for and encouraging cross-cultural workers as they serve in foreign places and cultures across the world? ...

Ministry Assistant – TWR Europe

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Various

Are you gifted in networking and planning? Do you have a heart to get the Gospel into the European region and particularly to refugees using mass...

Ministry Assistant, Central East European Ministry (CEEM)

Missionary Staff Short-term (3-12 mo.),  Long-term (1+ years),  Full Time Slovakia

Feeling drawn toward missions but don't know how your skill sets fit? Consider using your networking, fund development, marketing and project...

Research Journalist

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) South Africa

Can you draw people's minds and hearts into a project through a good story? Might God be calling you to tell His story to those who otherwise might...

Web Coordinator

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years),  Full Time United States of America

Are you a flexible team player with an upbeat attitude? If your strengths lie in web development, consider using those toward bringing the nations...

Web Designer and Editor

Missionary Staff Short-term (3-12 mo.) Japan

Wondering how you could use your proficiency in Japanese and English, along with web design/editing skills to share the Gospel? If you have...

Women of Hope Partnership Liaison and Project Manager

Missionary Staff Full Time,  Part Time Various

Would you describe yourself as a generalist, interested in a wide range of projects and topics? Are you energized by making connections and...