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Missionary Staff

Right now, we’re all experiencing an upside-down sense of normalcy (if any of this can be called ‘normal’) in the current health crisis. Has God tilted your world and awakened a sense of how much people need the foundation only He can provide? If you’d like to use your gifts to be directly involved in bringing the news of that foundation to many, why not begin a dialogue with us about how God might be calling you?

Use the filter at the right to find a role that fits you, and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart. Fill in an Interest Profile so we can get to know you better. Even if you can’t find a role that fits you, go ahead and submit an Interest Profile and we can talk about that too!

Please note that once your application is approved and you are appointed as a missionary, you will need to develop a team of partners who provide financially for your full salary and benefits. We provide training, resources, and coaching to help you reach your financial support goals.

(No agencies, please.)

Agricultural Environmental Short-term Missionary

Missionary Staff Short-term (3-12 mo.) West Africa

Interested in seeing how acreage used for agricultural purposes and sharing the Gospel through radio is impacting the community around it? Come and...

Antenna Maintenance Specialist

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Caribbean

Are you comfortable high on a radio antenna, inspecting towers, anchors, Phillystran guys, painting, re-tensioning, lighting, and repairing or...

Antenna Rigger

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Guam

Do you have a heart to share the Gospel with millions of people in Asia? You could do that every day while climbing towers at our transmitter site...

Audio Technician

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) South Africa

Have you wondered if your gifts in the technical field can be used to share the Gospel? They can! Our offices in the Africa region need someone...

Broadcast Engineer/Technician

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) West Africa

If God is pressing an urgency on you to get the Good News to others, consider putting your engineering skills to work at TWR’s transmitter site,...

Lodge and Office Maintenance Technician

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years),  Full Time,  Part Time United States of America

Has God given you an eagerness to help solve problems and an aptitude with fixing things? Have you been feeling God's call but wonder how your skills...

Maintenance Manager

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) South Africa

Do you get satisfaction from well-kept, well-functioning buildings and equipment? Would you like to be a missionary who uses the maintenance and...

Maintenance Technician

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Got experience around tools? Are you a natural handyman? Can you believe that you could have a place on the mission field? A servant's heart, an...

Maintenance Technician

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Various

Do you have trade skills like welding, pipe-fitting, climbing high towers, mechanical experience, tower installation/maintenance gifts? Do you wonder...

Mechanic & Maintenance Personnel

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) West Africa

We would like you to join our TWR family in West Africa and help us keep broadcasting God's Word and love in West Africa. If you have experience with...

Transmitter Engineer

Missionary Staff Long-term (1+ years) Eswatini

Consider joining our international team in southern Africa, using your technical and engineering skills so that Gospel messages can go out clearly...