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Assistant Ministry Director, Southern European Ministry (SEM)

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs),  Full Time Unspecified

TWR’s Southern European Ministry relates to five countries, namely Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Greece. The person in this role develops and...

Business Analyst/Process Engineer

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs),  Mid-term (1-3 yrs) United States of America

The analyst will perform detailed data collection about existing processes and structure. This could include interviews with TWR employees and/or...

Contract Management and Purchasing Manager

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs) Singapore

Develops, negotiates and maintains purchasing contracts for products and services; prepares final contract information; solicits and analyzes...

Maintenance Manager

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs),  Mid-term (1-3 yrs) South Africa

The Maintenance Manager is responsible to ensure that: all TWR-owned buildings and Houses are being well maintained and cared for; regular...

Ministry Assistant – TWR Europe

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs),  Mid-term (1-3 yrs) Cyprus

The person serving in this role will assist the International Director (ID) for Europe and European Ministry Departments in the areas of strategy...

Ministry Assistant, Central East European Ministry (CEEM)

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs),  Mid-term (1-3 yrs),  Short-term (3-12 mo.),  Full Time Slovakia

The person in the respective role assists the Ministry Director Central East European Ministry (CEEM) to fulfill the CEEM Mission statement which is...

Ministry Director, Russian Ukraine Belarus Ministry

Missionary Staff Full Time,  Part Time Germany

Develop and coordinate Russia Ukraine Belarus Ministry within TWR Europe so that an effective ministry to the people of those areas is established...

Station Director

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs) Caribbean

Oversees all aspects of the operation of TWR’s broadcast installation on Bonaire. Protect licenses and secure ongoing permission to continue...

Station Manager

Missionary Staff Career (3+ yrs) Eswatini

The Station Manager is responsible to plan, direct, and coordinate the operations of the TWR eSwatini Station. Duties and responsibilities include:...