"I never thought God could use me as a missionary. I don't have traditional missions skills. I'm an engineer. But at TWR, I can use my skills and technical (or creative or business) talents to touch the most difficult-to-reach people with God's message of Hope." — Sterling Ottun

How can I serve in Christian missions with TWR?
In what roles could I serve?
  • Technical Missionaries serve as either electrical or RF engineers and technicians or antenna riggers or maintenance staff at one of our international transmitter sites or as IT/IS professionals, web developers, studio engineers or maintenance personnel here in Cary, NC or at one of our international service centers.
  • Business and Administrative Missionaries serve as accountants, project managers, human resource coordinators and recruiters, marketing and communications coordinators, account representatives.
  • Creative Missionaries serve as videographers, audio producers, a/v editors, graphic designers, journalist and writers and much more!
Do I have to raise funds to serve with TWR?
  • Yes.* Thousands of new Christian missionaries do this every year and most get their funding in a year or two. *We occasionally have some direct hire jobs. Click here to see those.
  • This is very Biblical way for a Christian worker to be funded. The Bible has many references to Jesus, the disciples, Paul and many others being supported by their communities. Click here to learn more.
  • There are many benefits to raising support that a direct hire will never experience or enjoy. For example, missionaries have a large team that will stand behind them in prayer. Missionaries are not affected by budget cuts since they provide their own funding. Missionaries have more flexibility in what role they fill since their funding goes with them.
  • TWR provides training, resources and assistance to help you reach your goal. TWR provides prayer letter templates, prayer cards, a video to use with churches and on social media, on-line donation links, a personal coach and tracking software and much more.

Critical Needs

If you or someone you know could serve God in one of these critical roles, please contact us.

Please select a type of service to begin. Hover over the words to learn more.


Missionaries develop a team of partners (churches, friends and family) that pray and provide for their salary and benefits.

Direct Hire

Direct hires do not need to raise financial support.


Volunteers cover all their own expenses and do not raise financial support through TWR.


Interns are college age students or recent graduates that raise support to cover their stipend and expenses.