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Dios mantiene a flote el ministerio de RTM Venezuela
…por la supervivencia básica. "Estamos pasando por uno de los momentos más horribles en los que ha pasado Venezuela", dijo al grupo el pastor Ramón Muñoz, miembro de la junta de RTM Venezuela. "Todos los que tienen una opinión diferente del…

TWR Venezuela Ministers to Ailing Nation
The nine-story commercial building in downtown Maracay, a Venezuelan city of about a million people, is mostly dark and empty. The occupants began leaving along with the electricity, which went out about six months ago when the building’s…

God Keeps Venezuela Ministry Afloat
… of the ministries among us struggles daily for basic survival. “We are going through one of the most horrible times Venezuela has ever been through,” Pastor Ramon Muñoz, a board member of RTM* Venezuela, told the group. “Everyone who has a…

RTM Venezuela ministra a una nación necesitada
… de los escalones de la terraza les permite saber a los que suben que al fin están cerca de su elevada oficina. RTM Venezuela tiene dos generadores en el techo. Si no fuera por ellos, el ministerio se detendría. Eso no provee tanta energía…

Venezuela: Persevering Amid Difficulty
…effectiveness and reach of our ministry.” Mr. Rempel then gave a special greeting to the representatives or RTM Venezuela. “We are in solidarity with you in this moment of great suffering in the nation of Venezuela. We are standing by your…

In Venezuela, Getting to Eat Can Be a Treat
When TWR’s national partner in Venezuela takes its puppet ministry on the road, small gift bags containing school-type supplies typically are presented to children in the audience. But this Sunday, May 28, the ministry team will be offering a…

Venezuela’s Lights On, but Outlook Still Dark
The national crisis in Venezuela smolders in the aftermath of a blackout that shut down cities for days, paralyzing hospitals and leading to widespread looting. Even though the lights are back on in most areas, conditions in this country wracked by …

Shine 800 Bonaire’s Share-a-thon Is Encouraging
…or about 6 U.S. dollars. During the first week of May, well-known TWR radio hosts Annabel Torrealba, originally from Venezuela and now living in the United States; Jehiel Ortiz of the Dominican Republic; Esteban Larrosa of Uruguay; Ricardo…

Seeing the ‘Face’ in Every Country
…Mariette Oosterhoff read troubling news reports of violent protests in Paraguay and arrests in crisis-ridden Venezuela. She was struck by the realization that her perspective on these current events had changed because “every country now has a…

Big Voice in Caribbean Bringing Gospel to Millions More
…switched on at 4:30 p.m. EST today (Jan. 30, 2018), the potential audience for gospel broadcasts to places like Cuba, Venezuela and Brazil will double to 100 million. “We expect many surprises to happen as a result of this historic event,” said …
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