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Guam Station Speaks Hope Amid North Korea Dispute
… home of TWR's powerful shortwave station, once again faces being caught in the crossfire between North Korea and the United States.  As reports emerged of the North Korean government's announcement that it may launch a missile strike on the U.S…
…am.” – From a TWR listener in California Did You Know? Although TWR is better known for its broadcasts outside the United States, 207 stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico seek out the ministry’s programming for use in their operations. Roughly …

United States of America
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U.S. Hispanic Ministry Develops Programs for Stateside Listeners
TWR’s U.S-based Hispanic Ministry team has developed several new programs for distribution within the United States. Venezuelan natives Annabel Torrealba and Maria Burton voice programs geared for Hispanic immigrant women. Under the auspices of…

Hope for Election Season
Well, it’s that special season once again. Every four years in the United States, it seems citizens from all backgrounds and walks of life get caught up in that frenzy known as the presidential election. While the faces and issues may change…

The Theology of Thanksgiving
November 22 is Thanksgiving here in the United States. The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in 1621 by 53 European colonists and 90 Native Americans in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The festival was held as an occasion to thank God for his providence in …

Bible Study in Moldova Public School
…deep into God's word through inductive Bible study in a public school.  While I might not be talking about the United States, I was excited to hear that Bible study material from Precept Ministries is being used extensively in the public…

Quadruple and a Half
Do you like math word problems?  Well, try this one.  Take the most powerful AM station in the United States, which would be 50,000 watts, and then double its power.  Next, take that station and multiply its power by 4.5.  How…

TWR Develops Programs for Spanish-Speaking Listeners in the U.S.
…is collaborating with key missions-minded producers to generate Christian programming in Spanish for people in the United States. The U.S. Hispanic Ministry team has been developing three new programs that will speak hope to a variety of…

Home Church Listening Groups In India
Churches in the United States come in all different types of shapes and sizes...small, medium, large, megachurch, traditional, contemporary, mainline denominations, non-denominational, and even churches that are part of a denomination but choose to…
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