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U.S. Hispanic Ministry Develops Programs for Stateside Listeners
TWR’s U.S-based Hispanic Ministry team has developed several new programs for distribution within the United States. Venezuelan natives Annabel Torrealba and Maria Burton voice programs geared for Hispanic immigrant women. Under the auspices of…

K-LOVE Goes Offshore to Help TWR Partner
…that the U.S.  Christian music network will not be using at stations it recently purchased in the Southeastern United States. Equipment most needed by XFM will go to Lithuania, and TWR will put the other items to use broadcasting gospel…

Stormy Journey Leads to Missions Role
Having met through the ROTC program at North Carolina State University and married in 2002, Neal and Myra Manning launched out together in the Raleigh area. Both had stimulating careers – Neal in information technology and information systems and...

Broadcaster Schroeder Had Disproportionately Large Impact for God’s Kingdom
Pastor Paul Schroeder was a living object lesson demonstrating that an individual or a small group of individuals can make a big difference in the world. For decades, Schroeder led a modest-sized church, Our Shepherd Lutheran in Greendale,...

Unmasking the Gospel in 2021: Corrie, TWR MOTION Video Intern
By Rosie McMahan Missions is nothing new to Corrie. She grew up as a missionary kid and never planned to follow in her parent’s footsteps, but God broke her heart for lost souls without Christ. Corrie learned about TWR from some family friends...

For National Radio Day, TWR Highlights Outreach in U.S.
In recognition of National Radio Day, international media ministry TWR is emphasizing its continued commitment to broadcasting in U.S. markets. TWR, also known as Trans World Radio, is primarily recognized for its gospel broadcasts to 160 countries...

Scofield and Missions
One of my dad's prized possessions was his Scofield Study Bible.  Originally, it was my great uncle's Bible.  My mother's Uncle Will was known as a fine Christian man.  Not only did he serve as a deacon in his church, he was also a...

Kids Demand Bible Reading
…parents raised her in a different faith. Ayaan (not her real name) married a man in Ethiopia and emigrated to the United States. The couple had two children but eventually divorced because her in-laws never accepted her. She became depressed and…

Gospel Radio Helps Rekindle Marriage
…” – From a TWR listener in California Did You Know? Although TWR is better known for its broadcasts outside the United States, 207 stations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico seek out the ministry’s programming for use in their operations. Roughly …

RiverCross, TWR Unite to Help Orphans
Short videos on the RiverCross website present remarks by participants during testing of the Holding Esther program in Africa. RiverCross is joining forces with TWR to use audio drama to help train caregivers of sexually exploited children in Africa...
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