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El ministerio del Dr. McGee
… Dirigido al “americano promedio” ese humilde programa sirvió de fundamento para lo que llegaría a ser el programa Thru the Bible (A Través de la Biblia). En el año 1973, ATB tomó los primeros pasos en un viaje que llevaría el ministerio a…

The Bible Bus left Bonaire in 1973
… then many listeners have climbed aboard the Bible Bus and journeyed through the Word of God. A Través de la Biblia (Thru the Bible in Spanish) is the most popular program broadcast from TWR radio station Shine 800 AM Bonaire and from hundreds FM…
Thru the Bible broadcasts in more than 100 languages and dialects a daily, 30-minute teaching program that guides listeners through the entire Bible in five years. Its vision is to take "The Whole Word to the Whole World."

Thru the Bible Skyrockets
The burgeoning Thru the Bible (TTB) multilingual website, a TWR-produced portal, has experienced a substantial rise in traffic in recent weeks. Spanish is the most popular language among the 23 available on the site. Spanish streaming and downloads…

Thru the Bible Released in Multilingual App
A free multilingual tool from Thru the Bible is making J. Vernon McGee’s phenomenally successful Scripture study series available to international audiences on the move. A mobile app of Dr. McGee’s in-depth Bible broadcasts for English…

Thru The Bible Throughout The World
In my early days in Christian radio at WMBW in Chattanooga, I remember cuing up reels of "Thru The Bible" featuring the teaching of J. Vernon McGee.  At that time, I had no idea that TTB and TWR had already teamed up to translate and produce…

Thru The Bible In Creole
…dialects.  When Storly Michel of Radio 4VEH in Haiti was approached and asked if he would like help make "Through The Bible" available in Creole, Storly said "Yes, please!"  Click here to learn more about TWR or Thru The Bible or Radio 4VEH

Three Generations of Thru the Bible
…For more than 40 years, first in Spanish and eventually in more than a hundred languages, TWR has partnered with Thru the Bible to translate and broadcast the program around the world. For nearly three-quarters of that history, a Guatemalan family…

Thru the Bible Celebrates 40 Years of Broadcasting in Spanish
… than to you he hath said -- to you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?” These lyrics, taken from radio theme of Thru the Bible (TTB), “How Firm a Foundation,” are words listeners readily look forward to hearing. This hymn will be…

43 anos y contando
…La Hora de la Biblia Abierta”. Ese humilde programa sirvió de fundamento para lo que llegaría a ser el programa Thru the Bible (A Través de la Biblia). En 1957 el Dr. McGee conoció al Dr. Paul Freed, fundador de Trans World Radio (Radio…
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