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…“But things got worse because we were not faithful to the Lord. I had been listening to you for three years on Radio Nueva Vida and then online on my phone. The fact is that God brought us test after test until I gave in and surrendered my heart…

Why Radio?
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On World Radio Day, Titus II Shows Promise
TWR engineers and their co-workers are excited to salute World Radio Day 2017 just as Titus II is set to open a new range of possibilities for the medium. World Radio Day, observed Monday, Feb. 13, is sponsored by UNESCO in celebration of the...

Campaign to Boost Bonaire Radio Signal Crosses Goal Line
CARY, N.C. (July 12, 2017) – It’s official: The three-year campaign to expand TWR’s gospel broadcasting to Latin America and the Caribbean has exceeded the $3.8 million goal. TWR CEO Lauren Libby announced the success of the Power Up campaign...

New Roma Believers Nurtured by Radio
“Even if we save only one, it’s worth it,” was a common saying of TWR founder, Dr. Paul Freed. In 2009, TWR aired a program called The Voice of Truth on a small radio station in Prilep, Macedonia. This weekly, one-hour program was aimed at...

Radio Program Opens Door to Sharing Gospel with Muslims
The gulf between Christian and Islamic cultures usually seems far too wide to be bridged. As a result, few Bible-based radio programs are focused on addressing the unique interests and needs of Muslim seekers. But a program produced by TWR Africa...

Arabic ministry director joins Moody Radio's Chris Fabry to discuss the situation in Syria
TWR’s Arabic ministry director was featured this week on Moody Radio’s “Chris Fabry Live,” to provide an inside perspective of the situation in Syria. The ministry director, whose identity remained undisclosed for...

TWR Partners with Cincinnati-based Star 93.3 to Promote Powerful China Radio Church Kits
Listeners of Star 93.3 FM have the opportunity to help nurture fledgling house churches in China through an all-day radiothon that teams TWR with the Cincinnati station. TWR staff members are answering the telephones Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014, while...

TWR Observes World Radio Day
On World Radio Day 2014, TWR is pleased to join UNESCO and broadcasters everywhere in recognizing the vital role this medium plays in people’s lives. UNESCO established World Radio Day in 2011 in an effort to “raise awareness about the...

Radio Planting In Romania
Dave Jolly joined me for my last morning program on WMBW-Chattanooga, TN.  It was a very emotional day for me!  I had worked on the air at Moody Radio in Chattanooga for 24 years--the last 12 years hosting the morning program.  As I...
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