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Outreach to India
India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and it boasts a rich cultural heritage. It has achieved great socio-economic progress since its independence in 1947. India has become self-sufficient in agricultural production, and it is now…

TWR India Responds to Aftermath of Cyclone Phailin
Responding to the aftermath of a devastating cyclone that wreaked havoc on India earlier this week, TWR’s partner ministry on the subcontinent hopes to distribute radios and include special prayer announcements in its radio programs. “We …

TWR India Reaching the Masses Through Mobile Ministry
Endeavoring to effectively reach millions of Bengali-, Nepali- and Tamil-speaking residents, TWR India’s strategic Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Mobile Project is providing biblically based messages of hope and encouragement to mobile-phone …
"Somos varios oyentes de su programa y escuchamos todos los días - por la mañana y por la tarde. No tenemos una iglesia, pero gracias a esta enseñanza somos bendecidos porque nuestras vidas son restauradas, y encontramos...

Leading the Way in India
Amrita was delighted to share her experiences with the staff at TWR-India’s Counseling Center after listening to her favorite radio program, Leading the Way. With a joyful expression, she said, “I love Leading the Way. It really meets my …

TWR: Building Believers in India
This encouraging story comes from a TWR listener in India: Aman was born into a non-Christian family. All his life, he never bothered about spiritual matters, and even doubted the existence of God. He drank heavily and led a wayward life. Because of …

Christmas Around the World: India
Christmas is a joyous occasion for one and all in India. Known as ‘Bada Din’ in Hindi (translated as ‘Big Day’), it is a season when people of all faiths are open to the message of Christmas. The media – including…

Home Church Listening Groups In India
…believers who live in countries where they don't have access to a safe, solid, bible-believing church?  For believers in India, TWR has developed a church model where 10 believers form a listening group.  TWR's Ruth Philip explains the…
TWR Country Focus: India I come from a village that is part of a tribal community. The majority of the people in our community are addicted to alcohol, and it is very difficult for me, being a single mother (my husband died when my children were…
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