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China Needs More
…okstores.  I would say that most cities have several Christian retail shops from which to choose, but that's not the case in China.  In a country of 1.3 billion people, only a handful of Christian bookstores exist, and Ray Pritchard of Keep…

Filling the Vacuum in China
Approximately 10,000 or more people in China are coming to Christ every day. Wow! But, with so many new believers in China, where will they worship? House churches. But with so many house churches being formed, who will pastor all of these new…

Unreached People Groups in China
…my answer.  "Charlotte" (which is the name we are using for today's guest due to security concerns) works with TWR in China, and she informed me that UPGs stand for Unreached People Groups.  I think you'll be surprised at the number of…

The Exploding Church In China
…I have heard is 10,000 new believers a day, but I've also heard numbers as high as 30,000 accepting Christ every day in China.  Even with the most conservative figure, imagine filling an NFL football stadium with new Christians every…

Huge Project Lifts Up Christ to Unreached in China
A massive media project taking the Gospel to more than 100 million people in China who likely know nothing about Jesus Christ took to the airwaves this week.   The SON-Lift Project began broadcasting from the powerful shortwave transmitters of…

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries Radio Program Reaches China with a Message of Hope
…Ministries (RHM) has teamed with TWR to begin broadcasting his widely distributed short feature A Word With You to China in Mandarin. TWR translates the program and produces the Mandarin version with a native speaker presenting Hutchcraft’s…

TWR Partners with Cincinnati-based Star 93.3 to Promote Powerful China Radio Church Kits
Listeners of Star 93.3 FM have the opportunity to help nurture fledgling house churches in China through an all-day radiothon that teams TWR with the Cincinnati station. TWR staff members are answering the telephones Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014, while…

TWR and Star 99.1 Team Up to Empower Chinese Churches and Leaders
Soon more people in China will receive radios, Bibles and Christian study materials, thanks to a successful multi-day on-air campaign this week between TWR and WAWZ-FM Star 99.1. Listeners in the New York City metropolitan area generously gave a…

Praying At The Chinese Border
There are times when we can do nothing else but pray.  In the 70's, China was closed, so Tom Lowell went to the border of China and prayed for an open door for greater ministry.  God has answered that prayer. Click here to learn about…

Walk In Marriage
…of a "walk in marriage" (or "walking marriage")?  This type of relationship is practiced by the Mosuo people of China.  Basically, beginning at age 16, young women allow certain men to visit them at night in their private bedrooms. …
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