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Nearly Terrible
…us who work in broadcasting like to talk, and sometimes we use a lot of words.  So when "Boaz" who works with TWR-Korea "could not express in words" the condition of his fellow believers in North Korea, his speechlessness spoke volumes. …

Gospel Broadcasts Offer Message of Hope and Peace to Listeners in North Korea
… drums pound loudly in the foreground of daily news reports, in the background a message of peace and hope connects North Korea and Guam. Tensions entangling the Korean peninsula and the United States have spilled over to the tiny island of Guam…

After Summit, Koreas Need Prayer and Radio
Visitors in Pyongyang, North Korea, bow in respect to statues of former leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, grandfather and father of Kim Jong Un. Radio could play an even bigger role on the divided Korean Peninsula after this week’s historic…

‘Crazy Faith’ Leads the Custers to the Mission Field
…mission posting: Guam, the home from which powerful shortwave station KTWR beams gospel programs to countries such as North Korea, China, Taiwan and India. As facilities manager, Cody will supervise daily maintenance and repair of KTWR’s 20-acre…

Spiritual Food for North Korea
… gospel from our Father in heaven, and we would be lost in darkness.” This message came to us from a listener in North Korea, and another one said: “We keep our faith and live as children of God among hardships and fierce persecution only…

Rare Confirmation of 'Precious Support'
TWR Country Focus: North Korea Because they are so rare, messages from listeners in North Korea serve as great encouragement for the TWR Korea ministry team. TWR’s national partner based in South Korea reaches out to the north, sometimes referred…

North Korea Project
The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) is probably the world's most closed communist country. Juche(self-reliance) is the religious, political, social and economic ideology of North Korea. Based on statistics from the Joshua…

Caught and Jailed
…for openly proclaiming the gospel of Jesus. Let's jump ahead almost 2,000 years to our time, and let's go to North Korea. Some North Koreans have been captured and jailed, not because they were preaching about Jesus but because they had merely…

Reflections on Lausanne Congress
…Asian church. Of all the great voices heard throughout this day of icons of the evangelic world, the voice of a North Korean teenager was the strongest! As a little girl, she saw her pregnant mother die of leukemia. She lived as a refugee in China…

Spiritual Food for North Korea
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